Seattle Food Trucks

There are so many varieties of food trucks in Seattle that it can be difficult to decide which ones to try. I’ve written about some of my favorites: Nosh, Sam Choy, Wood Shop BBQ, Now Make Me a Sandwich, and more. If you’re curious about a particular truck, you can view their menu online. If you’re hungry and looking for a quick and delicious bite, try one of these food trucks:


If you love lunch and are tired of eating out, the Nosh food trucks in Seattle have just what you need. These trucks serve a wide variety of food, from sandwiches to burgers and from breakfast to dinner. In addition to tasty fare, you can also find drinks, beer, and gateaux from NOSH. The truck’s name, “Nosh,” is a play on the word “nosh.”

Sam Choy

The pokemobile is the latest food truck to grace Seattle streets. Owner Sam Choy is a Hawaiian chef who has opened up four poke restaurants in two states. Sam Choy’s food truck specializes in the Hawaiian delicacy poke, a raw fish salad flavored with bits of seaweed and course Hawaiian salt. Poke is a favorite on the islands, but it’s also readily available in Seattle’s downtown neighborhoods, including at the salad bar at Metropolitan Market and at small food stands.

Wood Shop BBQ

Located in the vibrant and casual Space neighborhood of Seattle, Wood Shop BBQ brings classic barbecue sandwiches and ribs to the streets of the Emerald City. They also serve mac & cheese bowls and have cocktails available for purchase. This Seattle food truck is located on Pacific Avenue between Fourth and First Avenues. The menu includes chicken, pork, and beef sandwiches and ribs, but be sure to sample their mac & cheese as well.

Now Make Me a Sandwich

The Now Make Me a Sandwich truck serves grilled sandwiches like the Bad Lieutenant. The sandwich features pulled pork, bacon, ham, provolone, chipotle barbecue sauce, and coleslaw. You can also order salads and a beer with your meal. The sandwiches are served on large, wooden skewers. You can order multiple sandwiches to split or order one large one and share them.

Valhalla Sandwiches

A new food truck serving Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle is giving the city a taste of the holiday. Now Make Me a Sandwich, a Seattle food truck, has a unique menu with sandwiches made with pulled pork, ham, and provolone. They also have salads, soups, and fries, as well as drinks. While this food truck specializes in sandwiches, they do have a couple of other menu items as well.

Big Boys Kainan

If you’re looking for authentic Filipino flavors, look no further than Big Boys Kainan food truck. This new establishment will serve up traditional island flavors in fusion-style dishes. It will be located in the Kent neighborhood of Seattle. If you’re not in the neighborhood, you can check out the food truck in Kent. Or, you can dine at their restaurant, which opened in 2013.


The first foothold of the Capitol Hill food truck empire was a little-known food truck called Marination Station. The food truck’s name is indicative of its Hawaiian-Korean fusion cuisine. It started out as a cash-only operation and has since added credit card processing and a menu that caters to the pandemic. It has donated a portion of its proceeds to local charities. Today, the trucks have expanded to four locations and cater to events in the Seattle area.