Grilled Cheese in Seattle

When searching for the best grilled cheese in Seattle, you should check out these five options: Cafe Presse, Watershed Pub & Kitchen, Smarty Pants, and The Grilled Cheese Experience. You might be surprised at what you find! We also included some of our favorite dishes from these Seattle restaurants. Read on to find out more! Whether you’re in the mood for something rustic or fancy, you’re sure to find it here.

Cafe Presse

If you’re looking for a delicious grilled cheese in Seattle, try Cafe Presse. The coffee shop has become a popular destination for Capitol Hill residents. The Seattle location is near several clubs and the Northwest Film Forum. Many artists, writers, and musicians frequent the cafe to refuel and discuss their latest work. The cafe even broadcasts soccer games – it even hosted France’s World Cup victory. For those who’d rather not go to a restaurant, there are other options.

Watershed Pub & Kitchen

While visiting the Watershed Pub & Kitchen in Harrisburg, I was pleasantly surprised by the grilled cheese. I had no idea it would be so tasty, and I loved the fact that the grilled cheese is sourced from sustainable fisheries. I also appreciated the staff’s friendly attitude and incredibly attentive service. I ordered a second grilled cheese to go. The next day I was so full, I couldn’t stop talking about my lunch. Fortunately, I’ve been back to sample the other dishes and have made many more friends.

Smarty Pants

If you’re looking for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, consider visiting the smarty pants. This Seattle diner offers underpriced sandwiches on a variety of menu items. You can also order a grilled pork sandwich. All sandwiches come with a toasted french roll and come topped with melted Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, and horseradish. The prices are competitive, too; sandwiches are priced at less than $13.

The Grilled Cheese Experience

When it comes to the classic grilled cheese, you can’t go wrong with Cheery Eatery. The menu offers classic versions and creative takes on the sandwich. There is something for everyone at this local favorite. And with three locations in the city, you’re sure to find a grilled cheese you love. In fact, you might find yourself craving one right now! We recommend checking out all three! Here are some of our favorites in Seattle!

The Apple Melt

The Apple Melt Seattle grilled cheese combines gruyere and Beecher’s Flagship cheddar. Served on grilled sourdough, this cheese sandwich also features carmelized onions and pickled apple slices. The combination of savory and sweet flavors in this sandwich is delicious. There are also many variations of this grilled cheese that use different ingredients. To get the most out of your sandwich, order it with a side of soup.